The Blue Economy (Gunter Pauli) – the 6e wave of kondratief or Green 2.0

Last week I wrote an article about Gunter Pauli. Pauli is promotor of ‘the blue economy’, a concept that a love too. It perfectly describe the new economy that will exist in the future as part of the the big transition we face towards the start of the ‘6e wave of Kondratiev‘. Biocascading, Biorefinery, mild preservation, and green clean technologies are all part of this new future economy.

The four basis principles of the blue economy according to Gunter Pauli -and that we follow at our company TOP as well- are.

  1. Think ‘physical’ en not ‘chemical’. *
  2. stop ‘thinking and  only’, start ‘implementing in reality’ **
  3. Work with multiple business models, and with multilple cash-flows.
  4. The entrepreneurs create jobs and make the difference.

I completely agree!

Some CleanTechnology examples that perfectly fit in the Blue Economy :

  1. AMAP from Perfotec
  2. PureWave from Cool Wave Processing.

* Take a look to our company strategy (in Dutch 😉 ).
**  I call this start ‘doing’, DOEN in Dutch.

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