Natural Food Processing Solutions (NFPS) – Dutch food technology companies work together to support customers worldwide with the most innovative sustainable technologies.

The Netherlands has more than a hundred highly innovative companies that make machines and other technologies for the food processing industry. In addition to some very large companies such as Stork, JBT and Marel, most companies are highly specialized and relatively small. The average turnover is five to fifty million per year, and most companies are still owned by a director-owner. In short, it is high-tech SMEs that get the most turnover from abroad through exports.

Dutch machine builders are highly regarded worldwide. Just like the German automobile industry and the American big-tech industry, the Netherlands is not only regarded as the number 2 exporter of food worldwide, but certainly as the country where technology innovation comes from. Together, these GMV members establish entire factory lines and total factories in Europe, America, Canada, the Middle East, Asia and China. In short, Dutch technology can really be found everywhere.

Modest as we are, we like to promote the Netherlands as a food-producing country, but we often forget to mention that thanks to ‘our machines’ this is made possible. It therefore does not hurt to put ‘ourselves’ in the spotlight.

After all, we are high-tech, we innovate continuously, we make sustainability possible. Most entrepreneurs in our sector work hard and sometimes forget to show their products to the wider public and their customers. Time to change that. Natural Food Processing Solutions (yes yes a platform), shows what we do. How? A photo or YouTube on linkedin, a monthly newsletter in English and a twitter account. Because it doesn’t have to be more complicated.

Interested? Follow our newsletter. And don’t forget to tip us if you know a nice Dutch food-tech company or a YouTube of a technology from the Netherlands.

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